Members, Church of God International (MCGI) Japan

Come join us in the true worship of the Almighty God in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)

Japan Coordinating Center

134-2 Furuichiba Ichihara-shi Chiba-ken 290-0008

千葉県 いちはらしふるいちば 市原市古市場 134-2

Contact Number:
Bro. UYA LUGARES – 080 8135 7053
Bro. JUN GUNDAYAO – 080 9653 1974
Bro. ROLDAN MABBORANG – 080 3127 1979
Gathering Schedule:
Special Prayer Meeting (祈り会 – 実況)

Every first Tuesday of the Month (毎月第1週目の火曜日)
6:30PM Live! 午後18:30 生放送!

Prayer Meeting (祈祷会)

Every Wednesday 毎週水曜日
8:00 PM 午後20:00

Worship Service (礼拝行事)

Every Saturday 毎週土曜日
6:00 PM 午後18:00
8:30 PM 午後20:30

Every Sunday 毎週日曜日
2:30 PM 午後14:30

Thankgiving of God’s People (神様の民全体の感謝祭)

Every Sunday 毎週日曜日
7:00 AM Live! 午前7:00 生放送!

Worldwide Bible Exposition (ワールドワイド聖書解説会)

Every Friday 毎週金曜
7:30 PM 午後19:30

Nearest Station (Hamano) 最寄り駅(浜野)

About Fed

Pondering about life every day, being raised in a God-fearing household, and having experienced so many things at an early age, it came to a point where I finally had the chance to look at all the world from a bigger perspective. I believe that all of this is the will of God. I have been blemished by the world in so many ways in the past, and I am now in the process of embodying the complete teachings of Christianity, as it is only the Bible where I have found a truly magnificent solution to all problems in life. But it is only possible if we let the words of God rule over us, submitting to the rulership of the Begotten Son of God. Having said this, I am nothing but a lowly servant to our Creator, God, and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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