Members, Church of God International (MCGI) Japan

Come join us in the true worship of the Almighty God in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)

Locale of Tochigi (Ashikaga City)


TOCHIGI-KEN 329-4216
栃木県 足利市 迫間町441-5
Contact Number:
Bro. FRANK CORATE – 080 7812 9440
Bro. JOSE MARI DEQUINA – 080 8020 6984
Sis. RHODA FUKASAWA – 080 1254 0204
Bro. JUN GUNDAYAO – 080 9653 1974
Gathering Schedule:
Special Prayer Meeting (祈り会 – 実況)

Every First Tuesday of the Month 毎月第1週目の火曜日
6:30 PM Live! 午後6:30 生放送!

Worship Service (礼拝行事)

Every Saturday 毎週土曜日
6:00 PM 午後18:00
8:30 PM 午後20:30

Every Sunday 毎週日曜日
1:30 PM 午後13:30

Thanksgiving of God’s People (神様の民全体の感謝祭)

Every Sunday 毎週日曜日
7:00 AM Live! 午前7:00 生放送!

Worldwide Bible Exposition (ワールドワイド聖書解説会)

Every Friday 毎週金曜
7:30 PM 午後19:30



Locale views:
Nearest station (Tomita station)

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